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The purpose of this type of agriculture is not a direct feeding of plant fertilizers, but to provide the optimal quantity.
The key to sustainable agriculture is the quality of the soil. The best way to improve (or maintain) the quality of soil is the introduction of alternative methods of soil cultivation, such as crop rotation, animal manure recovery, residual pożniwnych, reduce the quantity of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the use of large-scale green coat with a particular focus on legumes with nitrogen-binding air. Application of these measures allow for the maintenance of high levels of organic matter, which should increase the productivity and structure and at the same time protect it from erosion and losses of nutrients. Successful implementation of these methods require considerable technical skill on the part of farmers. The quality of the soil is a kind of alternative connection between agriculture and the ultimate goal of sustainable agriculture. In both of these concepts of soil quality plays a key role.

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08/03/2009, 15:04
Rain Rain
current temperature: 5 ° C
real feel: -1 ° C
current pressure: 1001 mb
humidity: 83.29414%
Wind Speed: 14 km / h SSW
Windgusts: 32 km / h
Sunrise: 6:31
sunset: 17:50
09/03/2009 Forecast
Mostly cloudy with showers
Mostly cloudy with showers
4 ° C
wind speed: 4 km / h SW
Windgusts: 14 km / h
0 ° C
wind speed: 7 km / h WSW
Windgusts: 18 km / h